Living Acres Farm
CSA A la Carte

In a traditional CSA (community supported agriculture) people pay a large sum upfront and get a share of whatever is in season each week. In that model, people sometimes get items that they don't like and not enough of what they do. Our a la carte CSA model gives people flexibility and control over their share. 

CSA members come to the farm to pick up their share for the week at our farm store located on the right hand side at 6034 Hanneman Road in Alfred Station.

Items from Living Acres and Living Cultures Farms are available to order as part of the CSA share.

Pick up day is on Tuesday from 1 pm-7 pm.

CSA members view the selection and order on our website. It is a quick and convenient process. An email is sent out on Saturday evening letting people know that the website has been updated and what new veggies and specials are available for the week. A link in the email takes you to the CSA order page. CSA members can choose what veggies they want for the week and submit their order.

The orders must be placed by Monday evening because the harvest is started early Tuesday morning for optimum freshness. 

CSA members are responsible for bringing their own bags/containers and packing their shares. We no longer pack shares into plastic bags. All items will be displayed in the farm store (6034 Hanneman Road). An invoice with your name and amount that you ordered will be on hand. 

The cost of the CSA share is $100. Each week your order will be subtracted from your "deposit". You will get a paper invoice with your order.

After your deposit is used up you can:
 -Deposit more money in $100 increments
 -Keep a CSA "Tab" and we can email you the total due at the end of each month
 -Pay weekly with cash or check

CSA members are NOT obligated to order every week.

Splitting shares is not allowed.

There is no minimum when you place an order for the week.

The CSA deposit does not transfer over into next year. (The money is used up in the beginning of the season to pay for supplies and other expenses).
The harvest season lasts at least 20 weeks. Please try to spend at least $5/week on veggies that way you will use up your deposit for sure.
If you miss a week, that is no problem. There is no penalty for not ordering, as long as you use up your initial deposit by the end of the season. 

Typically the harvest season begins around the end of May and goes into November.

When the harvest is plentiful you will have the option of buying 1, 2, 3 or more of certain vegetables and bulk items like cucumbers/tomatoes at a discount. 

The vegetable offerings are seasonal. Typically, there are a lot of greens early in the season, but the variety increases as the season continues.
We have a limited number of shares available. Please submit payment by May 1st. Checks or cash is preferred. Checks can be mailed to:

Living Acres Farm, 6042 Hanneman Road Alfred Station, NY 14803

If you're interested in joining the CSA, if you have any questions, or if you're interested in volunteering, email or call 607.587.8834