Living Acres Farm, located in Alfred Station NY, is a family owned and operated diversified vegetable operation. We practice sustainable growing methods on approximately 3 acres, and proudly provide our local community with nutrient-dense vegetables from June until November. With close to 40 different types of vegetables being grown, including many heirloom varieties, we offer your taste buds a chance to celebrate!

Our farming philosophy is centered around soil health. We believe that healthy soils make healthy plants which in turn make healthy people. We strive to keep the organic matter in our soils high and the proper nutrients balanced by applying compost, cover crops, and natural soil amendments. No pesticides or herbicides are used in the growing of our vegetables. We are a low-mechanized farm that relies mostly on the power of humans.

Our sister farm, Living Cultures Farm, is a small family farm using holistic and regenerative agriculture to produce nutrient-dense berries, forest-grown mushrooms, and pastured, organic-fed eggs. Living Cultures Farm also creates delicious and nutritious lacto-fermented vegetables and drinks made from crops grown at Living Acres and Living Cultures. 

Our fresh and nutritious produce and fermented products can be obtained through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and the Alfred Farmers Market (Sundays 11-3).

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Living Acres Farm: Amanda and Sasha Khodorkovsky



Living Cultures Farm: Katya and Jim Lewis

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